Pack IN - Pack OUT

The Onion Creek Gun Club range has been built from the ground up with hard work and sweat.  The range is on our family property and we would like to enjoy it for years to come.  Although the range is in its infancy, we at OCGC try to provide it's members and visitors a safe and clean range experience. While members are not expected to pick up spent brass/steel casings, if you bring the following items, we expect you to take it with you when you leave:

  • Spent Shotgun Shells-please pick up and take with you.
  • Used Paper or Cardboard Targets will be taken with you.  In the future we may have recycle bins.
  • TOBACCO TRASH: Tobacco products and their trash (including: cigarette/cigar butts, dip cans, etc.) should be taken with you- If we continue to find them on the ground we will have a non-smoking range.  Fire danger is high and responsible smoking is necessary.
  • Food, drink, personal trash should always be taken with you.
  • NO ALCOHOL permitted on the ranges unless there is a non-shooting special event.  Guns and alcohol do not mix.  There will be no exceptions to this rule and membership will be terminated immediately.
  • Personal Items (glasses, hats, etc.) - items left on the range will go into the Lost and Found box for the range.  Items will be kept for 6 months, after which, they will be donated.  Please contact a range manager for items.
  • Target stands, special barricades, tents, tables, etc. - these should be taken down and put away.  If the CONNEX is used, please store them where they go.