Common Sense Club Rules



The range is open 7 days a week/365 days a year. 

Hours of operation are 7:30am to 8:00 pm

All members and instructors must reserve a Bay via the TeamUp App.

When entering the property use the gate combination code provided at member sign up. If the key code changes a text or email will be sent out to members.

Upon entry, if the swing arm gate is open, it can remain open.  If you arrive and the gate is locked, we ask that you close the gate behind you and lock it.  Upon leaving, if you are the last one on the range please ensure gate is closed and locked.

Members must not give the gate combination to non-members. 


$20/each per visitor.

Current members are allowed to bring guests, but must ensure they have signed the liability waiver and have reviewed the club rules.  Guests must obtain a daily pass located here before coming to the range,

Children 18 and under are only allowed with prior permission and constant parental/guardian supervision.

The Member must accompany their guest at all times. 

Range Safety:

During non-supervised shooting hours, every member shall act as Range Safety Officer. If you see something unsafe, you have a responsibility to speak up to that person. If someone points out anything unsafe to you, please do not argue. Always assume that their view of it was correct. If you disagree, you may bring the matter up with staff to clarify.

Eye and ear protection is required of all persons on or near a firing line, whether those persons are shooting or not. All firearms shall be unloaded, both chamber and magazine when not in use.

Firearms are not to be handled and nothing on the bench should be touched, while the firing line is safe.

All shooters must verify that the firing line is safe when persons are down range and in front of the firing line.

Additionally, firearms shall be made safe in the following manners:

Firearms must be on a bench with slides back or actions open, and magazines or other ammunition source removed, or:

Carried in a holster, with the magazine or other ammunition source removed and the hammer or striker down.

Commissioned peace officers and persons with a Concealed Handgun License may carry loaded handguns in accordance with the following subsections:

Commissioned peace officers in uniform, or in plain clothes with his/her agency badge prominently displayed, may carry a loaded handgun openly or concealed, but the handgun shall not be removed from its holster.

Persons with a Concealed Handgun License may carry a loaded handgun in compliance with all applicable laws of the State of Texas.

Always shoot in the safest manner possible.



All shooting must be done at properly mounted targets, which are limited to the following:

Paper or other non-metallic targets attached to the fiberboard/backboards mounted on wooden frames.

Steel targets are available on several bays and members are allowed to bring their own.

Prohibited targets:

No glass targets may be used. 

No targets that may produce shrapnel.

No JUNK will be brought onto property to shoot. Do not leave items behind.

Due to shrapnel and location of the range, the use of Tannerite is strictly prohibited.



Alcohol and firearms don't mix, ever. No beer or alcohol in the range area at any time.


We are dedicated to keeping the Onion Creek Gun Club safe and accident free!